If you only have 7 hours a week

It is important that people understand that.”Regular testing of players, coaches and support staff is the league’s way of trying to quickly detect any infections and stop the virus spreading at clubs. Testing is due to take place twice weekly at clubs on up to 40 people.Training will be allowed to begin on Tuesday once the results of the first set of results are delivered on Tuesday.ALSO READ PSG president lauds Ronaldo’s ‘extraordinary strength of character’Players will have to arrive at the training ground on their own already in their kit and leave at least three spaces between each car in the parking area.”We strongly discourage tactical meetings on site so that social distancing is maintained at all times,” Gillett said.”They have 15 minutes in which to prepare themselves in terms of treatment prior to training. But they can use the gym as long as they socially distance themselves from another athlete and they clean the equipment after every use.” Up to five players will be allowed on training pitches only for a maximum 75 minutes for now.”A player has a quarter of a pitch to work within, so social distancing is not a problem,” Newcastle manager Steve Bruce said.

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